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The horse professional guide to colic, Stephen, 2010

The horse professional guide to colic, Stephen, 2010

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· Paperback, 68 pages
· 165 x 165 mm page size

The ‘Horse Professional Guide to Colic’ helps horse owners understand the many causes of colic in horses and prepares them to deal with the condition. It describes the equine digestive tract and anatomical factors that make horses prone to serious abdominal disorders. The book sets out practical preventative measures and simple steps to take to be prepared for a serious colic episode. This information is intended to support and inform owners whose horses who have undergone colic surgery. Potential costs, complications and aftercare for surgical cases are covered. The book is suitable for anyone who owns a horse and wants to become better informed and prepared to deal with this common but potentially fatal condition. It will also be a helpful resource for those training for professional careers with horses such as veterinary nurses or stud managers.

‘The Horse Professional Guide To Colic provides accessible, informative advice to the horse owner on the often confusing and misunderstood subject of colic. It is full of useful information for anyone who wants to better understand colic and how to deal with it.’ Marcus Swail BVMS MRCVS, Irish Showjumping Team Vet

‘It’s extremely up to date and is full of highly relevant and invaluable information. The clear layout and excellent illustrations make it an enjoyable, as well as a highly informative, read. I will be recommending this book to all my students, and I hope that many others also will learn from it, to the benefit of horses everywhere.’ Karen Dunne, CertEM(Stud Med), MVB, Veterinary Nursing Lecturer, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Jennifer Stephen is a horse surgeon at Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital in Ireland. She is recognized internationally as a specialist in colic.