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VSPN Notebook, Version 4.0, 2014

VSPN Notebook, Version 4.0, 2014

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Sales price: $85 for VSPN and VIN members only (not available to non members) plus shipping.

The VSPN Notebook® version 4.0, written by and for the veterinary staff, is a quick and easy reference containing what you need to know--wherever and whenever you need to know it.

The VSPN Notebook® has been available online at since 2002. This peer-reviewed, invaluable resource has been formatted for print and is available in a convenient 5x 8 3-ring binder. A second binder is included to optimize ease of customization. With the VSPN Notebook® at hand, you will never need to worry if you can't remember the normal body temperature of a Guinea pig, the components of a closed anesthesia delivery system, the normal values for a Schirmer Tear Test, the name of that equine disease, or any of the other thousands of facts found here in your portable brain.

The VSPN Notebook® has tab-separated sections covering topics from anesthesia to zoonoses and can be arranged and rearranged as you see fit; over 500 pages of ready-to-use information are fully customizable to your unique needs. Add in your own information specific to your practice for your own personal quick reference guide. Ideal for students and practicing veterinary support personnel alike, the format is concise and user-friendly. Click to view the online version example (available for viewing by VSPN and VIN members only).

Though the Notebook® is already stuffed full of information, VSPN staff will continue to add to it and update it, making revisions and additions available both online and in print, ensuring that you always have access to a reference that won't become outdated.

We want this book to be exactly what YOU need, and we will strive to provide you with additional content that YOU ask for in future updates. If you have any suggestions or information you feel should be included please email and the editors will review your request.

Sales price: $85 for VSPN and VIN members only (not available to non members) plus shipping.