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Renal Disease in the Dog & Cat, Elliott, Brown, Lifelearn, 2004
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Renal Disease in the Dog & Cat, Elliott, Brown, Lifelearn, 2004NOTE: This Lifelearn book can only be shipped to addresses in the USA and Canada. Only order this book if you live in the USA or Canada.

This book is aimed at the busy veterinary practitioner or the student studying for final examinations. The information is practical, and the text concise, with charts, tables, photographs and other illustrations included to increase readability and make this an essential practice resource. Organized in four sections the book begins with a review of the presenting signs of renal disease, followed by a discussion of the various tests to be performed in assessing renal function, and determining the appropriate course of treatment. The book concludes with a concise overview of the options for managing renal disease in the dog and cat. Tables and flow charts are used to present information on the choice and implementation of appropriate therapeutic protocols, and key references are provided for further reading.

Topics include:
Presenting signs of renal disease
Epidemiology of chronic renal diseases in dogs and cats, Prevalence of CRF in cats, Age and feline CRF, Breed and feline renal failure, Gender and feline renal failure, Prevalence of renal failure in dogs Age and canine CRF, Gender and canine CRF, Common presenting signs of the animal with CRF, Common historical findings, Less common historical findings, Common physical examination findings, Less common physical examination findings, Differentiation between acute renal failure and decompensated, CRF, Stages of chronic renal disease, Bibliography Assessment of renal function
Glomerular filtration and excretory renal function, Measurement of plasma markers as indicators of GFR 19, Plasma clearance methods for the precise measurement of GFR, Urine-concentrating ability as a measure of renal function, Interpretation of urine specific gravity measurements, Do cats retain concentrating ability in the face of excretory, CRF?, Evaluation of urine protein concentration in animals with renal disease, Techniques of measurement of urine protein

Management of Chronic Renal Disease
Treatment of an underlying primary disease process, Bacterial urinary tract infections, Management of glomerulonephritis, Treatment of secondary renal hyperparathyroidism, Summary of management of secondary renal, hyperparathyroidism, Treatment of systemic arterial hypertension, Management of feline systemic hypertension in the renal failure animal, Management of canine systemic hypertension in the animal with renal failure, Treatment of glomerular capillary hypertension, Drugs that lower glomerular capillary pressure, Effects of ACE inhibition in normotensive cats with CRF, ACE inhibition in cat with systemic hypertension, Effects of ACE inhibition in dogs with renal disease, Adverse effects of ACE inhibition, Management of hypokalemia in cats with CRF, Management of anemia and CRF, Management of metabolic acidosis and CRF, Dietary modification for the renal failure patient – an overview, Phosphate restriction, Protein restriction, Sodium restriction, Potassium supplementation, Dietary lipid modification, Evidence for the beneficial effects of dietary modification, Summary of the management of CRF in dogs and cats, Bibliography, Routine biochemical and hematological assessment of the azotemic animal, Plasma phosphate concentration, Plasma calcium ion concentration, Plasma potassium ion concentration, Plasma bicarbonate ion concentration, Plasma cholesterol concentration, Other plasma biochemical analytes, Routine haematology, Complete urinalysis. Summary of the laboratory assessment of renal function, Bibliography Further assessment of the animal with chronic renal disease
Identification of potentially treatable primary disease, Renal imaging, Renal biopsy, Further investigation of the glomerulonephritis case, Identification of complications/maladaptations to the renal failure state, Secondary renal hyperparathyroidism, Systemic arterial hypertension, Metabolic acidosis in the animal with chronic renal failure, Identification of concomitant diseases that may perpetuate renal damage, Feline hyperthyroidism, Diabetes mellitus, Hyperadrenocorticism

Authors: Jonathan Elliott and Scott Brown

Paperback, 128 pages

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