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Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner - Ley - Teton - 2004
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Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner - Ley - Teton - 2004Book Review

Teton NewMedia announces the release of Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner authored by William Ley, DVM, MS, who was formerly the professor and Department head, Oklahoma State University, as July 2002 he has moved on to an equine clinic in Virginia.

Broodmare Reproduction is a concise and liberally illustrated working guide on Broodmare health and breeding management for veterinarians, veterinary students and breeders. This 255 page presentation boasts 90 illustrations and 50 ultrasonograms images. The book includes detailed coverage of the uses of ultrasonography for diagnosis and monitoring of the mare. It discusses cytologic studies essential to diagnosis, normal and abnormal reproductive anatomy, culturing techniques for infections diseases affecting the reproductive capacity of the broodmare and detailed guidelines for effective breeding. The book provides all of the essential information needed for clinical management and assessment of the broodmare as well as techniques for breeding, including assisted reproduction (embryo transfer, follicular aspiration and oocyte collection) and immunization. Assessment and management of infertility is also covered in detail. The book provides the student, practitioner or breeder with a wealth of easily retrievable and pertinent clinical information. This is the first in a 3-volume set on Equine Reproduction for the Made Easy Series. To follow will be a volume on the PREGNANT MARE AND FOAL and a volume on the STALLION.

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Teton NewMedia
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